Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Brooke pushed Ace into his first wave the other day. He loves getting pushed into waves and climbs onto anything he can to lay down and wait for a wave to come along...boogie boards, surfboards, eski lids....As one of my girlfriend's mum put it, "that boy has no fear....I feel for his mother" Its true, he fell of his last wave, tumbled around in the white wash for what felt like 5 hours (more like 2 seconds) and got up laughing. I'm telling you, this little dude is not afraid. When I was painting our house a couple of weeks ago, I left the 6ft ladder standing in the middle of the living room, I went into my bedroom for less than one minute, came out to find Ace at the very top of the ladder banging the red bit on the top. Yes, the TOP of the ladder.
I am considering a monkey backpack that secures your toddler to you. No, seriously.....