Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In between working I've been making time for my new love...painting on ironbark!
Its my zen activity a headspace where nothing matters and everything flows. Now I just wish these suckers could pay the billzzz haha

Monday, January 16, 2012


Here are a selection of the Tees I worked on with my hubby Brooke over at THRILLS. They are available online as well as at select retailers. The tees are super soft, heavy enzyme washed giving that 'my favourite tshirt' feel, they're a bit longer than most tees with a raw overlocked hem making them an amazing fit for a guy or a short dress for a gal...

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Very very happy with the impromptu decision to check out the Lismore car boot sale (bi-monthly). The kids were going a bit berzerk but nonetheless my skills from years of sifting through old shit and serious time management skillz (and an amazingly patient hubby who pushed the pram) meant I got to find some goodies. I spent a grand total of $28. Vintage cut off Lee denim shorts, two very feminine hippy skirts, incredible star beanbag for the boys room, and an old moroccan duffel bag for trips away...ahhhh thank you Lismore!


My son Ace who is 3 is officially rad. I know I shouldn't sound surprised but I had a real proud mummy 'picker' moment when he successfully dug through the mountain of old clothes and pulled himself out the two most awesome pieces in the whole pile. Yay for vintage Tin Tin and homemade boardies! Yay for Ace!


Whats happening in the garden this week....hmmm...the cucumbers are prolific, the tomatoes are ripening and the beetroots are ready to pick and roast. I also spread some nasturtium seeds about 3 months ago in hopes of harvesting their spicy little flowers for salads, and the seeds all went ballistic and the bees and ants have been loving it! I've told Ace that cucumbers help him ride his bike faster in hopes of inspiring him to eat more than meat, pasta and carrot and sure enough, he happily helps me harvest them while crunching away on his own freshly picked cuc.
Even Bowie loves to have a go. Awesome.

Thursday, January 12, 2012



Its been a while since I've blogged my treasure hunting finds, its a weekly if not several times a week adventure for me, garage sales, op shops, side of the road...I think I have a problem sometimes.....So after stopping off at a little op shop in Brunswick Heads I came away with two little treasures, an amazing beaded necklace which I may or may not use for some wooden hanging sculptures, and a little print of a full moon reflecting on a lake...a grand total of $1.75

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Check out the latest issue of YEN magazine, my first interview! A big thank you to Emma for organizing it all!! x