Friday, May 14, 2010


Today we got our 'Native' on and headed over to the Australian Reptile Zoo....needless to say Ace's favourite thing was chasing Wood Ducks, and Brooke's chocolate paddle pop. I thought he would be way more into the kangaroos and wallabies that hung around everywhere, they are so domesticated you can cuddle and pet them and feed them too. I looked out for the legendary Roo, Jeffery, but alas he was no where to be seen. He was an outcast from the pack and decided he'd rather hang with the coffee cart than run away....good choice Jeffery. We knew it was time to go when he started scaring the animals with his impersonation of a pterodactyl. That and the giant Emu poo he stood in and wiped all over his father's jeans.


Wow. While cruising one of my favourite websites, butdoesitfloat, I came across this incredible Spanish artist, Yago Hortal . I feel giddy looking at his work, i feel like jumping into those paintings and getting my rainbow on. They look like oil paintings in the photos with how thick and fluid they are, but they are all acrylic on paper, which makes them kind of like a giant child's finger painting. Love love love.


This one's for you Jen.
In fact, this one is for everyone.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Just started with Stussy, very excited about this, love the brand and such a pleasure working with them...more to come, there is a great heritage series based on major cities around the world, so keep your eyes pealed, I'll be posting them when its all finished! This one is the '87 Summer Party Shirt...a must have for sure and with a model like 'Lara' how could you resist?